Blues Guitar Lessons with Bernie Pearl


Blues Guitar Workshop with Bernie Pearl

"How to Sound Like You're Playing the Blues"

If you've bought the books, listened to the CDs, tried the videos, and still aren't satisfied that you sound like you play the blues, blues guitar man Bernie Pearl has something for you.

Bernie Pearl learned directly from country blues guitar legends Lightnin' Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb, Mississippi Fred MacDowell, and more, and has spent over 40 years digesting, interpreting, and reinventing the music called the country blues.

Bernie will share insight into the techniques and repertoire of some of his famous teachers, and will give vital information on hand position and damping to help achieve a truer blues sound. In addition, he'll address accompaniment and jamming issues that can open the way to playing at a higher level. Bernie is noted for his strong rhythm, imaginative backup, and for getting great variety out of each position, and he'll share these ideas with you. Bernie Pearl has fused traditional acoustic and contemporary electric styles and has come up with a unique approach to picking that utilizes open strings in all keys.

You can enhance your acoustic blues playing noticeably in this workshop. Please bring an acoustic guitar, a thumb pick, a slide, and a tape recorder to the session. Bernie emphasizes practical, hands-on learning rather than theory. Note pad and pencil optional.

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